Sports and outdoor activities in Audnedal

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In the lakes of Audnedal there are a lot of fish, especially trout and perch. In the Øvre Øydnevann you
can fish with rod and fish nets for free.

In 1985, Audna was the first river in southern Norway to be fully limed, and re-established the salmon
stock. From the sea and 35 km up to Ytre Øydnevann where the salmons journey ends, there are a
variety of fishing opportunities.

In addition to salmon, the river offers fishing for brown trout.
Information about the Audna stream, fishing and fishing license fees can be found at

Gislefoss is a good fishing spot for salmon. There are arranged fishingspots for the motion-disabled.

Rent canoes or boats
Øydnevannet is a nice paddling water with several nice beaches and camp sites. The canoes and boats
may be borrowed for free by teams, associations and residence of Audnedal. Others can rent canoes
and boats for 24 hours by paying an amount og money pr. canoe or boat. Ordering, payment and
collection of key: Konsmo Bakeri und Cafè , tel. +47-38 28 17 39 or at Audnedal omsorgssenter (Byremo), tel. +47-38 28 12 90

A requirement for maintaining the offer is that the equipment is carefully used and returned to its
place after use. Please report loss or damage to Town Hall (Rådhuset at Konsmo) or to the place where you deliver the keys.
Loss or damage must be replaced.

Skofteland recreational area
Skofteland recreational area has a beautiful nature with marshes, rocks and heather moorland. There
are several beautiful lakes in this area. FLiR has built a cabin located near the water called "Pråmvantnet",
and it has a barbecue hut. North of the cabin you can find the nature reserve Grønslåtta.
There is a marked trail from the parking lot that takes you past the cabin and to the "Rokken". Rokken
is a large rock that forms the border between Audnedal, Lyngdal and Hægebostad. There is a marked
trail from Åbestad to Borga, one of the largest and best preserved hill forts in the region.

You will find a marked trail to Kollungtveitfossen, one of the few remaining waterfalls in Norway that
is not regulated. The trail starts about 100 m south of the Sveindal museum. At first it goes through
cultivated land, and then it takes you to leaf and pine forests. Some places the trail can be muddy.
The waterfall is beautifull when there is a lot of water. The drop is 5 meters.

Audnedal has two municipal centers, Konsmo and Byremo. Outdoor and indoor sports facilities are
located at both these places.
More information about sports and outdoor recreation can be found at: and